A visit to Bratislava, Slovakia started a new initiative

In September a team from the Tuzla church visited friends and one of the protestant churches in Bratislava, where they had a wonderful time. During the visit to one of the local churches, they had a program where they presented the work of the New Hope churches in Bosnia. They also treated the hosts and guests of the program with Bosnian treats. During the visit and meetings with missionaries who serve in Bratislava, the Tuzla team agreed on future cooperation. They also started an initiative called Focus on mission, which the Tuzla church will organize every year: among the guests of this new conference there will also be guests from Bratislava. This initiative has been planned to start as a small project of the Tuzla church, with big plans for the future. During the first Focus on mission conference, alongside meetings, workshops and lectures focusing on mission, it is planned to start working on principles of sending missionaries from Bosnia, as well as other serious projects.

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