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New ministry!

Ministry for elderly church members

After state of epidemic COVID 19 was declared in Bosnia, many elderly persons were restricted from leaving homes. Those restrictions applied to a large number of elderly persons in our church. With all limiting factors due to restrictions, those church members also suffered from additional health issues. The whole church missed their presence in church services, so the church made sure they would have small church services in their homes. The idea was not only to provide spiritual growth, but also to care for the elderly.

Our team has four persons who visit our elderly church members at least once a week. Such visits look like visiting your grandmother. They overwhelm our team members with joy, hugs and lots of kisses. After a really warm welcome we talk with them to see if they need anything: shopping for food, purchasing medicine, calling relatives... After chatting with them, we have a small church service with Bible study, worship and prayer. Once a month our pastor visits them when they are able to listen to a sermon and have Lord's Supper.

If their health condition becomes worse, our team visits them several times a week. In case of need, we make sure they have a home-visit of a doctor.

Coordinator of ministry to elderly church members: Sanja Kušljugić

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