Mission week

For the second consecutive year our church is celebrating beginning of the year with a week addressing topics connected with missions. This year the mission week took place in the beginning of March, only a week before the COVID-19 pandemic started in Bosnia.

New Hope in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Iran

Since the beginning of 2020 our church is involved in helping churches in Iran.

Church services in Farsi language

During the migrant crisis in Tuzla our church organized church services in Farsi language for believers from Iran. On these church services we often had guests from various countries.

Tuzla in centre of migrant crisis

In 2019 Tuzla was one of cities with the biggest number of refugees and migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In Tuzla, migrants were gathering on a bus station and the whole area became some kind of wild camp that did not have even basic living conditions.

Balkan refugee corridor passes through our church building

Mission trips and plans for the future

From the beginning, New Hope church was focused on helping churches and ministries in other countries. Until now, we were sending teams to short-term mission trips and we were financially supporting projects in other countries.

Connections with two churches in Rijeka, Croatia

At the beginning of March, New Hope Church hosted guests from two churches in Rijeka, Croatia. Our friends from Rijeka volunteered and participated in projects that the local church and Wave organized during their visit.

Celebration of international women's day

If March 8th is a day of a fight for equality of women and men, then every day is March 8th in our church. For several consecutive years, our church has a tradition ...

Wave Projects is organizing psychology lectures in our church building

On the 22nd and 23rd February at 18:00 Wave projects is organizing a lecture Knowing self and others: a key of successful communication. A host lecturer is Nolan Sharp (USA/Croatia) who held the lectures in companies like T-com, Chamber of commerce, etc. The lectures are usually held for a fee, but it is for free in our church building.

Mission week in Tuzla

This year BC New Hope is organizing for the very first time a week with focus on mission with a goal that it becomes an annual event with guests, interesting lectures and new initiatives. This year it will be help from 19th February to 26th February.

English course in BC New Hope

The intensive two-week English course ended on February 9th. Our church hosted volunteers from five countries and two continents. Throughout the year Wave Projects organizes follow up English language lectures in our church building. The

Christmas concert in Tuzla

In BC Nova Nada, a Christmas concert was held inviting participants to Wave Projects educational programs, as well as friends and representatives of institutions in which Wave Projects serves the year.

Church in Tuzla is celebrating a week of thankfulness

Tuzla church decided to celebrate a week of thankfulness, which is annually taking place at the end of November and the beginning of December.

Shoreham by Sea and Tuzla

At the time Tuzla church had just started its work, a Baptist church in Shoreham by Sea, England, recognized the importance of mission work in Bosnia and developed a partnership with Tuzla. Such a partnership can be an example of friendship, respect and community to many others.

A visit to Bratislava, Slovakia started a new initiative

Slovakia started a new initiative In September a team from the Tuzla church visited friends and one of the protestant churches in Bratislava, where they had a wonderful time.

Organized activity of collecting humanitarian aid for refugees

Humanitarian work is not one of the segments of the work and life of our church. Humanitarian work should be following Christ’s principles, the biggest fruit of our relationship with God and the focus of our practical visible piety. Our goal is always to give our maximum in serving those who need our help the most

Ministry with children and youth in BC New Hope Tuzla

Recently, New Hope Church started a ministry with children and youth during the church services on Thursdays and Sundays. The children in this group have creative workshops, and while reading the Children’s Bible discuss Biblical principles, personal questions and problems.

Sunday's cafe in Tuzla

Every second week Tuzla church organizes a cafe after church services on Sundays. With the quality and quantity of the food served we could easily call it a church restaurant. Each cafe usually has a theme.

Reformation week in Tuzla

Reformation Week in Tuzla took place from October 29th to November 4th 2018. This year we celebrated 501 years since the reformation started. 

Trip to Poland

A trip to Poland that the Tuzla church organized in the beginning of September was a very important step in connecting Bosnian and Polish churches.

Educational and recreational projects in the church building

In a New Hope Church building in Tuzla, various educational and recreational projects are taking place throughout the whole year.

Baptist Theological Seminary in Warsaw

As part of a trip to Poland, a group of people from Tuzla had the opportunity to visit the Baptist Theological Seminary in Warsaw. The pastor of the Tuzla church met with the president of the Polish Baptist Union.

Reformation Day in Tuzla

As usual, Tuzla church plans to hold a one week celebration remembering the beginning of reformation. A moment when the Bible became again available for people to read in their mother tongue and brought a possibility for Biblical principles to be used as a blessing to many.

Our dear brothers and sisters in Prijedor

Tuzla church is thankful to God for brother Yuriy and that we are able to support each other's mission projects. We are praying for wisdom and strength for pastor Yuriy, his family and church in Prijedor.

New Hope Sarajevo

For almost a year Tuzla church has been regularly visiting brothers and sisters in New Hope church Sarajevo. Together, like one big family, we are going through a time of spiritual growth, joy, problems and everything else that life brings

Mission work with refugees in west Bosnia

Almost all of our church members participate in this mission, either collecting humanitarian aid or working directly in the field. For several months a large number of them have been helping with a humanitarian aid in Bihać and Velika Kladuša.

Ray returned to his second home

In June we had another visit from our brother Ray who is the pastor in our sister church in Shoreham, England and used his sabbatical time to visit Tuzla. As usual, Ray’s visit was an encouragement for our church and Wave activities in Tuzla.

Visit from Poland

Our church is building friendships with protestant churches from other countries. One of the very important partnerships is with our partnering churches in Poland. In May we had a visit from Beyivostok Baptist Church, one of the biggest Baptist Churches in Poland.

Visit from Croatia

In January 2017 we had a visit from Branko Kovacevic from the Baptist church in Mackovec. The goal of this visit was for Branko, with his knowledge and experience, to help further develop and train our church worship team.

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