Shoreham by Sea i Tuzla

At the time Tuzla church had just started its work, a Baptist church in Shoreham by Sea, England, recognized the importance of mission work in Bosnia and developed a partnership with Tuzla. Such a partnership can be an example of friendship, respect and community to many others.


The church in Shoreham regularly participates in all programs that Tuzla church organizes. Some of our friends in Shoreham already feel as hosts in Tuzla and guests in Shoreham! Pastor Ray Orr regularly visits Tuzla, encourages us and supports our projects.

Our dear friend Roy held a special place in the cooperation between Tuzla and Shoreham. We named him “Sunshine” due to his joyful and funny appearance.

We hope that the cooperation between the churches in Shoreham and Tuzla will continue to be a blessing, not only to our home towns, but also in many other places.

Address: Rudarska 61, Tuzla

Contact us: +38761906479