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Serving project in school for kids with special needs

Wave Projects is serving in a School for kids with special needs on Thursdays afternoon. Since a big number of children is staying in a boarding school over the week, our team is looking for ways to entertain them and bring joy in otherwise ordinary day in a boarding school. Prior to visit, our team is preparing cakes, sweets or a snack to bring some additional joy for children. Since children are spending almost all the time in school or boarding school Monday-Friday, so our team is organizing sports activities in a gym to make sure all excess energy is channeled through sports and recreational activities. After the exhausting time in a gym, children are rewarded with a snack that our team prepared. It is such a joy to spend time with our kids! Love is overflowing when we spend time together. We love it! Wave coordinator: Veldin Lisicic

Our Little Heart - serving project to persons with special needs

Every Monday our team organizes a project called "Our little heart" for persons with special needs. It is a time of overflow of joy, friendship and love. Everyone who comes is greeted by hug and joy. Both young adults and children with special needs come to our serving project that includes educational activities, creative workshops, music and dance exercises, as well as other activities. Usually parents bring their children to our program, so we make sure they have a place to chat and have coffee/time time. Coordinator: Vera Pušeljić-Altumbabić

Seniors home serving project

Our team is serving in Seniors home in Tuzla for many years. Besides regular visits of our friends in seniors home on Tuesdays, our team is also organizing birthday celebrations once a month. A big number of elderly is left alone in our town due to large migrations to the west, or some other reasons, so every visit, conversation and activity brings joy, compassion and care to our elderly friends. We are especially happy when we are able to organize trips, BBQ's and activities outside of the seniors home. Coordinator: Amira Jašarević


Address: Rudarska 61, Tuzla

Contact us: +38761906479

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