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New Hope Library

Sean Michaels

Our church has around 200 books in a library.

New Hope Library

Our church has around 200 books in a library. One can find various testimonies, stories, theology books, as well as books for children and various videos.
We are happy to recommend something to read, one can choose from easy and light reads to heavy theological discussions. Church members and church services visitors can borrow books on Thursday or Sundays after church services. Persons in charge of library are: Magdalena, Leila and Amira.
Every month, usually on Fridays, we have a book club. On that day we present and discuss one of the books from our library. Usually we present a book in 45 minutes, and after the presentation book club guests enjoy a light book discussion with coffee and cakes.
Before leaving, visitors can take a printed hard-copy book sample to read at home.
You are welcome to visit our library!

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